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The Musanze security officers have found several fire weapons in a field of a local dweller who the officials that he has been given these weapons by the FDLR militias who told that these weapons will be used in the due time, according to the

These are among the weapons found in the field of man living in Musanze
These are among the weapons found in the field of man living in Musanze

This man who lives in Muhoza Sector, Kigombe cell said that he was provided these fire arms by the FDLR militia to keep them in secrecy until the time to use them comes.

According to the news, the AK 47 fire weapons were found on Thursday last week but kept top secret as security officers were searching more weapons which they thought to be hidden in the neighborhood.

The Rwanda National Police Spokesperson in the Northern Province did not provide more details about the news as further investigation continues.

We provide more information after full investigation about the case, he told

CSP Francis Gahima said that the discovery of these weapons and the recent arrests of many suspects did not destabilize people’s daily activities.

He adds that dwellers are hopeful that security services are at their side and strive to ensure the security for them.

The Commander of RNP’s criminal investigation department, ACP Theos Badege has told reporters that Rwandan Police started a wide rage investigation about a group of people suspected to be closely working with the FDLR and RNC both being the political and military parties eager to destabilize security in Rwanda.

ACP Theos Badege revealed that most of the suspects have been arrested and more efforts are being provided to arrest the hiding ones.