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Several lecturers at Makerere University have withheld students’ examination results in protest of non-payment of their wages. Majority of the protesters are part-time lecturers.

The affected students include those studying Ethics and Human Rights, Psychology, Social Sciences and Humanities, Food Science and Technology, Music, Dance and Drama, among others.

Normally, examination results for the previous semester are released in the first three weeks of the new semester.

‘Poor management’

University spokesperson Rita Namisango admitted the delayed payment for some part-time lecturers, saying it was due to poor information management between the different departments.

“I have contacted the deputy vice-chancellor for finance and administration, Dr Barnabas Nawangwe, and his response is that majority of the part-time staff had been paid by last week, including the part-time lecturers in Tourism.

For the remaining part-time staff who have not been paid, their claims are being verified and thereafter, payments will be effected,” she said.

Ms Namisango declined to reveal the number of part-time lecturers and how they are paid, but only said they are paid per hour at rates approved by the University Council.

A source that preferred anonymity said under the university policy, each part-time lecturer is paid USh50,000 per hour and in each semester, each course unit has 60 hours.

But some lecturers have more than one course unit and teach both day and evening sessions, which makes their pay higher than others.

The spokesperson for the Makerere University Academic Staff Association (Muasa), Mr Louis Kakinda, said the lecturers’ action was justified and the university administration should urgently address their concern to avoid further industrial action.


“We have our obligations like financial loans and we do not need continuous excuses from the university regarding the verification process by Public Service ministry. A salary is not a privilege, it’s a right, they should pay these arrears as early as yesterday,” Mr Kakinda said.

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