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On Sunday morning residents of the Bwishyura Sector, in Karongi district, Western Province of Rwanda wake up in morning participating into the Car Free Day event that was observed in the district for the first time. The aim of the monthly sporting event is to help Rwandans improve their health through physical exercises.

Young people were numerous as compared to the elderly ones

The event was attended by dwellers of two sectors alongside officials from the district level.

Car free day event is a monthly event that is held two time. The Head of State Paul Kagame and First Lady have once attended the event, thus supporting its core objective of helping Rwandans improve their health through physical exercise.

The executive secretary of the Bwishyura Sector Phanuel Uwimana told Umuseke participants are also urged to uphold hygienic conditions as to safeguard their lives

Some of the participants in the yesterday’s event appreciated the event and promise to keep participating into this monthly event.

The group photo
Participants taking refreshments
Some of the officials taking part of this monthly sporting exercise