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Nyanza-Thursday In Nyanza,Kampundu cut  her mother Dusabe Espérance of 39 years old with a machete  after she found her committing adultery with Kampundu'(20 years old) husband.

Nyanza in the South Province

Using a machete she wounded her  legs and arms.The news spread  around 10h 00 in the Marabage Cell in Bugali  in Nyanza City.

The Executive Secretary of the Ntyazo  Cell Mr Habineza Jean Baptiste  affirms that Kampundu suddenly found  her mother in the bed busy with her husband and cut her with a machete.

Afterwards Kampundu was arrested and brought to Police Station of the area, where she is accused to have punished a suspect while this is a police issue.

Her mother was brought to local health center  where she is receiving medical treatment.

Habineza reminds everyone that legally accepted organs are the ones to punish guilty people instead of being everyone who wish to do so.