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Inhabitants of Kajabagwe cell, Shyorongi sector in Rulindo district are now delighted to fetch clean water. Local people were used to fetch unhealthy water from the Nyabarongo river.

Clean water facilities made  available in the sector
Clean water facilities made available in the sector

The water sanitation in this cell has been dispatched by  an NGO called Water for People. Nzamwita Jean de Dieu from Rugendabari said that in the past they fetched unclean water from the Nyabarongo river, a water that infected people’s lives.

He thanked President Kagame who promised them to have clean and healthy water and who keeps his promise.

Kangwage Justus the mayor of the Rulindo district  urged the inhabitants of Rulindo to keep these infrastructures safe.

We have been waiting for these infrastructures, so keep them safe and long lasting, Kangwage said.

Eng. Emma Francoise Isumbingabo, the Secretary of state in charge of infrastructures reminded to beneficiaries  that the water has a paramount importance to the well being of ecosystems, fauna and flora.

It is for this purpose that the Rwandan government dedicated this week  to a nationwide awareness on the importance of keeping water clean and available for all, she informed.

She urged the population to report on the infrastructures damaged as to repair them in the due time.

Kamuyumbu Perpetue , who leads the Water for People in Rwanda revealed the NGO aims at providing to the 17 sectors of Rulindo District  with clean water facilities.

The Project to install water in Rulindo is worthy $15 million.