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In January 2018, Airtel and Tigo received regulatory approval to merge operations in Rwanda. The Airtel and Millicom teams have worked together to ensure a smooth transition, streamlining of operations, harmonization of Products & Services, Improving Network Experience and realization of synergies to ensure swift accrual of the merger’s benefits to all stakeholders.

The hormonization of both telecommunication campaniles will boost quality service delivery

The exercise, which is focused on aligning the company’s structure with its operating model, also entailed a right-sizing of the current workforce to avoid duplication of roles.

One of the key objectives is to create an agile organization, which satisfies the needs of all of the stakeholders, especially our customers, as we step into the next growth phase of the operation. As a result, 49 positions have been declared redundant.

Airtel is sensitive towards the affected staff and is committed to minimizing the impact of this exercise on the employees. All impacted employees will be compensated in line with prevailing laws and company policy.

Each impacted employee will in addition to their legal dues receive 2 months’ gross salary, 3 months extended medical cover, and 3 months free air-time entitlement.

The company has contracted a reputable organization to offer job search services and provide the training that they would need to find new opportunities. The Company will meet the full cost of this support.

The merger between Airtel and Tigo will create an operator that can provide business sustainability and profitability by fully utilizing both operators’ assets, thereby securing future investments in Rwanda.

We will be able to serve our customers better, improve the competitive dynamics of the telecom sector and accelerate the development of digital infrastructure and services in the country.