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During a Summit gathering states members of the ICGLR participants have agreed on the fact the growing crisis in the region requires home grown strategies to stop it from lasting.

Dr Ntawukuriryayo chatting with Dr Kisanga

DRC crisis is the issue that has been discussed upon by participants as a matter of  seriousness .

For Hon Dr Ntawukuriryayo Jean Damascène ,parliamentarians should increase voices to advocate for the rights of citizens of their respective countries as it is one of their key duties.

He urged participants to not pay attention to the so called experts who forge irrelevant reports that deserve no credit.

Dr Jean Pierre Lora Kisanga, native of DRC, told media that weapons and war will never restore a lasting peaceful relations among regional nations.

“That is why we talked about the armed forces that destabilize the economic and political status and have agreed that the joint efforts from region can bring better fruits”. Dr JP.Kisanga told Journalists

Normally, this forum is attended by following counties Angola,Burundi,Central African Republic ,Republic of Congo,Democratic Republic Of Congo,Kenya,Uganda Sudan,Tanzania,Zambia and Rwanda that hosted the forum this year.