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The Head Of State Paul Kagame has welcomed the Japan International Cooperation Agency’ principal Prof Akihiko Tanaka who is in Rwanda for his tree days official visit. Both discussed about the bilateral relations and cooperation between Rwanda and Japan.

President Kagame posing with the JICA' Principal Prof Tanaka
President Kagame posing with the JICA’ Principal Prof Tanaka

The JICA’s principal Tanaka visited some of the projects thatJICA sponsors among which is the K-Lab and Tumba College of Technology.

He took that opportunity to inaugurate a newly built bridge that joins Rwanda to Tanzania located at Rusumo.

After the talks with the Head of State Paul Kagame, Prof Tanaka  expressed his appreciation about the current social and economic development that Rwanda has achieved in cooperation with Japanese, among other partners.

He also congratulated Rwandans to have reconciled after the genocide against the Tutsi, adding that this is a sign of a promising future of Rwandans.

He however urged Rwandans to wisely make the K-Lab mostly productive so that desired goals can be achieved in a near future.

Ambassador of Rwanda in Japan, Dr Charles Muligande who accompanied Prof Tanaka in his visit to Rwanda told journalists that President Kagame urged Prof Tanaka  to closely work with private sector operators and encourage Japanese investors to massively install their businesses in Rwanda.