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Around 8:30P.M in Kinigi District ,inhabitants woke up at hearing the gunfire in the neighborhoods. But officials are not sure about the origin of the gunfire yet. Despite the affirmations of the local population of the said district, The Speaker of the Army, Brig Gen Joseph Nzabamwita explained that the gunfire originated from neighbor DRC instead of Rwanda.


The Speaker of Army affirms that people thought it was in Kinigi because of proximity position  existing between borders of both counties. Quickly after the event took place, nearest shops and activities  stooped  their services but, according to Kigali today, normal life retook place few hours later.

This is also affirmed by the Mayor of Kinigi District Miss Winfrida Mpembyemungu, adding that local people are safe and comfortable in their daily preoccupations. The most recent gunfire took place on 02, December, 2012 when FDLR militias attacked the military basis in the region But according to RDF ,they were pushed back  and defeated . Let us remind that FDLR is made of former Interahamwe militias that massacred Tutsi during the genocide perpetrated against them in 1994.