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Last Saturday 25th  May 2013 in Nduba Sector, Gasabo District,Kigali City, local population were sensitized to keep registering for Mutuelle de Santé despite the fact that disasters barred them from   producing much better and have financial means to register for Mutuélle de Santé.

Nduba inhabitants with hoes

Gasabo District has 15 administrative sectors among which Nduba that has been  ranked the first registered sector in Mutuélle de Santé  last 2011-2012 term.However, this year a remarkable decline of statistics is observable.

Calm and focused.

One inhabitant of the sector ,Tubase Saidath, told that current” economic crisis has affected her at extent that she did register for Mutuelle de Santé”.

“At my age( she is 26 years old), my husband  I  cannot afford Mutuelle de Santé registration fees . Even if my husband has a job somewhere ,we don’t have enough financial resources to cater for our needs and then register for Mutuélle de Santé”Tusabe urgued.

“I would like the government to set mechanisms that could help people like me to have chance to be Mutuélle de Santé registrants   as many other Rwandans’, She added.

Trying to know factors that helped Nduba inhabitants to be ranked among the best owners of Mutuélle de Santé last year, approached Mr Louis Niyinshuti,who is in charge of health care in the Sector and he revealed to that  inhabitants were financially strong at that time  but that in present times disasters disarmed them.

Most o four people are cultivators and farmers ,the disasters destroyed plantations and  therefore our people did not produce sufficient food reserves feed themselvesn and then sell the rest to the  market to have money for  registration in  Mutuélle” Niyonshuti revealed to

Kemirembe Joy.

Kemirembe Joy, in charge of Mutuélle de Santé promotion in Gasabo District revealed to Umuseke that during 2011-2012 term, Nduba sector was listed to be first one to have registered in Mutuelle de Santé with 96%  while nowadays Nduba is with 92%  as a statistical downfall.

Mayor Ndizeye Willy


Mr. Willy Ndizeye,Mayor of Gasabo communicated to people present in the meeting  that Government has set measures and mechanisms to help all Rwandans who are unable to register for Mutuélle to create jobs that will provide money they need for Mutuélle registration .He reminded local population to keep implementing the policy of living in Imidugudu public settlements and consequently register for Mutuélle de Santé

Nduba Sector owns 15286 inhabitants. Last year the registration for Mutuélle de Santé was the highest in Rwanda but current situation of predictable disasters has hindered them from keeping the registration rate high.