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She was five years old in 1994 genocide against the Tutsis. Her father Kagabo Patrick and Mother Nyiransengimana Christine lived in the  former Mwendo Commune in the Kibuye Prefecture.

Nyiransengimana Christine
Nyiransengimana Christine

As all her relatives were killed in the genocide, she struggles to live comfortably even if more hardships are facing her in Karongi District where she is currently living.

People who were living in the neighborhood of Christine told her that all of her relatives were killed.

As she was hiding during the genocide, a stone befell upon her, damaging her ear and hearing ability.

After the genocide, she was brought to Shyogwe( former Gitarama) orphanage from where she went to the Nyamishaba orphanage( former Kibuye in the current Western Province) in 2002 .

After completing her secondary school studies, she returned back in her native cell to find out whether a merciful family could adopt het but she did not find any.

Since 2008, the Sector administration sent her in the Bwishyura sector where she grown up.

She stressed the Sector authorities to help her find an adequate accommodation facilities but nothing significant has been done accordingly.

Afterwards, she has been given a house, which house does not have internal doors. She blames the local sector administration for the delaying completion of the house.

In these days she expresses her inner wishes to have a decent house which has doors and windows that could enable to feel secure and comfortable.

Her current living conditions are harder to endure as she is about to be chased away in the house that the CARITAS is keenly ready to take over, she told UM– USEKE reporter.

One of her close friends gave a loan of 40000 Rwandan Francs she invested in the street vending of clothes and she pays back as she gains.

If you feel touched with her dark past and become willing to help, please call her at (+25) 072 59 68 860.

She stands outside the her house
She stands outside the her house
One of her  neighboring  houses
One of her neighboring houses
The house lacks doors in the interior rooms of the house
The house lacks doors in the interior rooms of the house
The house lacks toilets and a kitchen
The house lacks toilets and a kitchen