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The purpose of this campaign is to re-ignite the love and association of
Primus brand with Rwandans. Primus brand brings the message of togetherness and sharing while celebrating Rwandan identity.
Home-coming campaign will run for nine months on TV, Radio, Digital, Print, Billboards and below the line.

The Beer that increases happiness among people

It will also have promotions running from the February till August 2019. with regards to an experiential activity, a thrilling activation is being worked on, that will be sure to engage Primus lovers here and in diaspora. It will be revealed in due time Primus “Home-coming Campaign” is a story of a young man, at his peak who left Rwanda to go abroad to chase his dream.

He comes back to Rwanda a success, a celebrity, but, he does not allow anyone to treat him like one. He hops on a moto to meet his lifelong friends at their favorite cabaret where they are very excited to see him. He wears proudly a Rwandan t-shirt and orders a round of Primus and the friends know that he is still the same down-to-earth person. They celebrate their friendship and who they are.
“This campaign is all about Primus enhancing connections, celebrating Rwandan identity and optimism for the future. Indeed we believe that this campaign will resonate our consumers”, commented Peter Karadjov, Marketing Director of Bralirwa Plc.