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The President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame told dignitaries who are attending the AfDB 49th Summit in Kigali that being an effective leader does not result from one’s age nor past years in the leadership position rather an effective leader is the one who creates conducive environment for sustainable development of his citizens.

President Kagame in the debate
President Kagame in the debate

The Head of state  said that during a debate that took place yesterday evening hours, a debate themed ‘The Leader that Africa needs’.

The debate was attended by different high officials including the Vice President of Kenya, William Ruto, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, the Executive secretary of the African Union,the Ex-President of South Africa,,Thabo Mvuyekwa Mbeki, the former President of the Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, the former President of Tanzania,Benjamin Mkapa, Dr Mo Ibrahim, and the AfDB President Donald Kaberuka among others.

President Kagame advised his audience not to keep debating on issues that concern Africa but not take adequate measures to apply the decisions taken.

H.E said that this situation resulted from the fact the past leading figures were interested by individual interests rather than focusing on public interests that could benefit to the citizens.

An effective leader works for a purpose and that purpose is to help the citizens overcome hardships and poverty, H.E Paul Kagame said.

President Kagame said that the leader should be accountable for what he/she has done to his subjects and what is being done as to keep developing the nation.

How other  dignitaries  defined an effective leader for Africa:

For the South African Tabo Mbeki, an Africa continent free of internal divisions and wars can only be materialized if Africans could be able to self –assess and regulate.

We need a mutual assessment and criticism. We should hold every African leader accountable for what he/she did”, Mbeki said.

For the former Tanzanian President Mkapa, the greedy of leaders is the most challenging threat that Africa continent is suffering  currently.

The Vice President of Kenya William Ruto said that effective African leaders should be able to take real  and relevant decisions that befit different situations their nations are  undergoing.

He gave the example of recent decisions taken by the leaders of the region to start a wide range railway construction to foster the trade exchanges between the nations comprising the EAC.

Dr Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini Zuma the Executive secretary of the African Union said Africans should put together all the efforts to develop their nations, both young and old ones.

After the debate among the high ranking leaders, the next session included different invited guests comprising the young entrepreneurs from both Rwanda  and elsewhere.

The  official ceremony of the 50th anniversary of the African Bank will take place on May, 22, in Kigali.

Thabo Mbeki
Thabo Mbeki
Dr Donald Kaberuka
Dr Donald Kaberuka
Some of the invited guests
Some of the invited guests
Benjamin Mkapa
Benjamin Mkapa
Listening carefully about what  panelists were talking about
Listening carefully about what panelists were talking about
Rwandan Minister of ICT  and Youth, Jean Philibert Nsengiyumva
Rwandan Minister of ICT and Youth, Jean Philibert Nsengiyumva
Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma
Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma
Dr-Ntawukuriryayo- the President of the Rwanda Senate and Prof-Sam-Rugege the Chief of theSupreme Court
Dr Ntawukuriryayo,  the President of the Rwandan Senate and Prof Sam Rugege the Chief of the Supreme Court