Eastern Province: Sector leaders arrested for having mismanaged people’s assets – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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Reports from the Eastern Province affirm that three executive secretaries of three sectors namely Gahini(Kayonza district), Mahama( Kirehe district), and Nyarugenge(Bugesera district) are  under arrest due to the alleged to have been involved in money laundries especially the money normally reserved for VUP program.

The Eastern Province of Rwanda
The Eastern Province of Rwanda

The Police spokesperson in the Eastern Province IP  Emmanuel Kayigi told Umuseke that the arrest targeted also leaders of different cells of Ngoma sector for the same allegations.

IP Emmanuel Kayigi revealed to Umuseke that the arrested ones gave the VUP aids to their relatives instead of providing it the selected and needy ones.

He said that some of the allegations involve the fact they cherished their relatives in providing the VUP  aids normally reserved to needy residents.

IP Kayigi  said that 14 people are under arrest and the arrest started since last week but further investigations on the matter continue as more people are seemingly involved in these issues.

He urged locals to denounce all people including officials who mismanage or misuse their assets or aids that they entitled to benefit.


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