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President Paul Kagame told other high ranking officials who attend the commemoration event of the 100th of the birthday of late Nelson Mandela with took place in New York, USA, that his legacy will never fade up if all Africans get equal opportunities as it was his inner wish.

President Kagame in New York yesterday

He reminded them to keep the Mandela’s heritage alive in the minds of African youth. Mandela knew that a non-inclusive politics interferes with national social and economic development, he added.

P Kagame added that Mandela has fought hard to make his country free of discrimination.

He added that all the hardships Mandela has gone through didn’t demolish his willingness to build a peaceful and free South Africa as well as some of African nations.

Regarding Rwanda President Kagame said that Rwandan recent history provided its citizens with strong commitment to uphold unity and reconciliation that are key pillars to achieve sustainable development.

He said that all Rwandans joined efforts to make this endeavor successful and everlasting

“We strive to involve all Rwandan citizens to this path, will equal rights and opportunities as to lead our nation in the right direction. This way of thinking has made our national institutions more organized”, he said.

Closing his remarks, President Kagame called upon African leaders to uphold an inclusive politics, adding that it will be of a great outcome in regard to bringing national cohesion and sustainable development of the continent.