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Gasabo-Water shortages  have brought Bumbogo inhabitants to start claiming for it . This Monday,29,the problem has been solved.Water has been made available for everyone.

A long queue to fetch water

Inhabitants worked hand in hand with development partners in order to built a water sanitation infrastructures worthy 900.000.000 RwF.

Joyful people from Bumbogo thank the current government that assisted them in the acquiring the water sanitation as former governments did not take the issue seriously.

Uwiduhaye Theodore one of the inhabitants of the region,told Umuseke that he woke very early in the morning to do fetch water in three Kilometers away and a can is worthy 200 Rwf during water shortage period.

Ndizeye Willy Mayor of the Gasabo District thanked the Bumbogo inhabitants for their close contribution in for the project ’fulfillment.He reminded them that these infrastructures are for a paramount importance so urged them to take care of it .


To the other hand,The Mayor of Kigali City ,Hon Fidele Ndayisaba,who inaugurated the infrastructure ,reminded the population that this is a President Promise that is fulfilled.

“Our President is a truthful one. He is always available to help people in solving their problems” added Mr Ndayisaba.

This water installation comes in as the fulfillment of President Kagame promise he made when he was ending up his electoral campaign in 2010.

During the same ceremony, the mayor also inaugurated newly built houses for widows in the Bumbogo sector.


The Assembly entertained with traditional dances and songs
The Assembly entertained with traditional dances and songs



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