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Rwandans  who are visually impaired worry about the how private they can vote based in the existing  ways to vote.

Voting using the thumb is a challenge for visually impaired people
Voting using the thumb is a challenge for visually impaired people

Normally, visually impaired people vote accompanied with under 14 years old children to help them.

For them ,the NEC should develop Braille writings that they are able to read or if impossible ,they van be given the right to choose a trusted person to help them vote regardless of his/her age.

One women told Voice oOf America Radio that during the past presidential elections her child was denied to vote being accompanied with a person of 18 years old.She said that her child left the voting room without voting due to that.

He felt denied his right,she added.

Munyaneza Charles said that the NEC knows that problem and tries to address it in an effective way for the betterment of elections for all.

“We strive to bring upon the use of their readable writing known as Braille to help them vote effectively and freely” says Munyaneza.

However Mr Munyaneza adds that the challenge is that the real number of visually impaired people aged enough to vote is still unknown.

Due to this,the only way for them to vote remains to the same  before any other way comes in.

Being helped by the under 14 years old children is a means to prevent older people from voting twice,that is unconstitutional, adds Mr Munyaneza