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The MININFRA met with different representatives from states across Africa to discuss on the current urbanization problems and find out sustainable solutions to them.

Different authorities attending the Summit at Serena Hotel
Different authorities attending the Summit at Serena Hotel.

Different international organisation agents  attended the meeting, among which the UN Habitat  and many other representatives  of the African  and Pacific- Caribbean Countries.

The Summit was attended by Rwandan  Minister of Infrastructures Prof Rwakabamba  and Rwandan Prime Minister Dr Pierre Celestin Habumuremyi whowas the Guest of Honor in the Summit.

Many attended the Summit
Many attended the Summit.

On the agenda,experts were to discuss about adequate measures and means to take in order to bring out sustainable solutions fro these problems.

Governor of the Kigali City Mr Fidel Ndayisaba assured the participants that in Kigali these measures will be applied as recently nationwide  census has shown the exact statistical numbers of the Kigali inhabitants and elsewhere in Rwanda.

The census has also shown different urbanization problems that need to be handled using the statistical numbers got from the census.

EU representative Louis Michel
EU representative Louis Michel

The EU representative Mr Louis Michel said that Kigali authorities have shown efforts to build a clean and habitable city.”

“This is a fruit of undeserved efforts of Rwandan authorities to ensure lasting sustainable development of Rwandans living in both  cities and in other remote areas” Michel said.

Prof Silas Rwakabamba,Dr P.Damien Habumuremyi. and the UN Habitat  representative
Prof Silas Rwakabamba,Dr P.Damien Habumuremyi. and the UN Habitat representative

Rwandan authorities that attended the meeting revealed that other more six cities will be rehabilitated so to reduce the influx of people who annually come to settle in Kigali.

This will hopefully reduce the urbanization problems in Kigali.

PM.Dr Habumuremyi thanked the participants who attended the meeting for their contributions on the finding out of the solutions about challenges Rwandans in particular and Africans in general encounter.

“Rwanda is always on your side to hear from you what is needed to be done to ensure sustainable development of our nations” said PM Habumuremyi Pierre Celestin.

Prime Dr Habumuremyi addressing the Participants
Prime Dr Habumuremyi addressing the Participants.