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The training took place in Huye and ended on Friday last Week. It gathered 20 Rwandan medical staff specializing on modern brain treatment techniques.

Brain care experts trained Rwandan counterparts in modern brain care techniques

The aim was to improve their knowledge on how to treat brain related diseases as Rwandan experts on brain medical treatment are still few.

It is under the sponsorship of East Development Bank and British Council. It lasted five days and there are more trainings to take place in the coming years both in Rwanda or abroad.

One of them named called Gaspard Habimana, a practitician in the CHUK, told Umuseke that there are few specialized brain care experts and those ones currently in services need to improve their skills according to the modern techniques.

Dr. Sendegeya Augustin from the CHUB said that the package from their counterparts from UK and Uganda will serve as an added value to use in their daily brain treatment sessions in their respective hospitals.

One officials from the British Council named Esperance Uwimariya informs that the Council pertains with the East African Development Bank (EADB) as to make the implementation of the project effective and productive.

The program aims at enabling medical staff acquire updated knowledge and practices on brain treatment, she said.

The Managing Director of the East African Development Bank Divid W. Odongo revealed that the bank provided needed tools and transport fees from the UK and Ugandan experts to come to Rwandan and take journey back home.

David-W-Odongo speaking to media
Ugandan and British experts on modern brain treatment techniques
Esperance Uwamariya from the British Council


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