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Not so many years ago, if your 2-year-old could master Legos, you were thrilled. Now, according to a new study, 15 percent of that demographic can master a home entertainment system.

Toddlers are tech wizads

Among 3- to 5-year olds, that figure increases to 31 percent. With so many devices at a tot’s tiny fingertips, from iPads to smartphones to laptops, the media firm Magna Global created the study to determine how young kids interact with technology and the impact it has on them.

Although making Lego animations, for example, can stimulate a child’s imagination, one fear is the possible inability to handle boredom when devices aren’t around.

“The doom and gloom scenario is really an untested hypothesis at this point,” said child psychologist Dr. Jordy Kaufman. Will today’s toddler be tomorrow’s tech-addicted zombie, or are we fostering a generation of computer da Vincis? Time will tell.