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After that a group of Rubavu inhabitants took a trip to Kigali to reveal to President Kagame their concerns relating to land ,they have been received  by the Ombudsman  who  promised to resolve the equation.

Back home joyfully

Aloysie Cyanzayire told that she received them but added that their concerns are to be deeply investigated upon before any other further solution is to envisage.

“We found that their concerns need more clarifications  so to provide satisfactory solution to both sides” Cyanzayire told .

The group took a trip back home as the investigation is undertaken.

Ayirwanda Jean Bosco, one the sons of Mishyitsi told that they left Rubavu as 18  persons heading to Kigali. They comprised 4 women of Mishyitsi  and all sons of Mishyitsi as well.

He added that in middle way 8 of them got seriously tired and remained while other 10 persisted in the journey until Kigali.

Nearing President Office, they were kindly sent to Ombudsman’ Office at Kimihurura where they received a friendly treatment.

Ayirwanda added: “We left our identity cards copies and all legal papers to the Ombudsman ‘Office explaining all issues relating to the whole crisis so for her to get insights on it. Now we are heading back home hoping that our concerns will be handled effectively soon ”.