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As Rwandans get ready to attend the elections rooms this Monday 18, September ,political parties today campaign o attract more people to vote for them Monday,16,September,2013.

IPP logo
IPP logo

Western  Province(Karongi,and Kirehe Districts),RPF campaigned for Karongi and people massively attended the campaign.Reporter said that in Rutsiro there were no political party campaigned due to unknown reasons.

Kigali City (Kigali Stadium).RPF fans were many to hear from their leaders on the plans to achieve ion the next term

.Candidates said that the first objects are to set laws that befit needs of Rwandans. Theos Barasa said that other political parties were campaigning.These include PL,PSD that used many cars to carry them.

Western Province:(Ngororero)RPF campaigned very significantly as many attended the event,nearing 7000 thousands of people.The Vice Mayor of the District said that people asked the leaders to keep on building upon what has been built already.

Kigali City(Kicukiro), PSD and PS Imberakuri campaigned even if fear was around due to a grenade that blasted in the market in the neighborhood. As usual PSD told its followers that it will set up a Bank for agriculturists to ease their access to bank loan.

The PS Imberakuri campaigned at Gatenga to people between 100 and 500 fans and its President Mukabunani Christine affirms bthat the campaign has been carried effectively.

South Province(Nyanza and Ruhango),in Ruhango  PSD delayed to campaign but in Nyanza, RPF campaigned to its fans highlighting its political lines to push development forward.In general Rwandans reminded political parties  candidates to come back and learn more on the needs if population.

Western Province: (Nyamagabe)RPF waved its flags and too many people were around to hear for different personalities among whom J.D Bizimana. He underlined the fact that RPF achievements talk buy themselves and that many achievements are to be reached soon.

Elections are soon to take place
Elections are soon to take place

Apart from PSD no other political parties campaigned in Nyamagabe

Northern Province: MusREFO anze District in Stadium Ubworoherane RPF brought together  thousands of people to remind them that the journey towards self reliance has started and still needs to be achieved.

RPF told  its fans that this is time to fulfill them especially in the second term in the house of MPs.

Generally during this campaign, RPF deployed significant efforts to reach all the corners of nation,while other political parties faced challenges relating to their economic capabilities.

European Union
European Union

This article is made up due to a show jointly broadcasted in six radio stations that are: Isango-Star. Isangano, Ishingiro, Salus,Izuba and Huguka.Other more radio stations provided reporters and are: Radio Rwanda and Radio Flash FM .The show is prepared in collaboration between  IPP (Institut Panos- Paris) and REFO and  is sponsored by European Union.



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