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Every one knows that good conditions for hygienic behavior  are key to good living and to health.But in some remote regions of Rwanda, a remarkable lack of sanitary facilities is observed. This is the case in Kabarondo, a small town located in Eastern Province, in Kayonza District.

The sharpest ones hide here and make it.

One of reporters traveled in the area once and faced the challenge of finding where to urinate, in a decent place in a taxi parking. After a relatively long period of time, one of the inhabitants of the district showed him a place to do the job.

The man who approached the reporter told him that “it is not easy to find a toilet in the neighborhood” .I tried to cross the road to find a place in the other corner of the road but it was not. The inhabitant I chatted with told me the provincial authorities knew  and keep knowing the situation.

He said “It is hard to find a decent place to urinate for a person respectful like you unless you hide somewhere and do it”.

The man continued asking himself the reason behind this lack of public toilets in area full of market and taxi parking stations  while there is a number of  entrepreneurs sending request to build such toilets. Even if I do know whether the truthfulness of the man’s sayings but the reality is that toilets are missing.

That led us to ask the Mayor of Kayonza District and said that ‘the district has a plan to build some public toilets in the town. We have signed a contract with businessmen to start the work very earlier. These business people are entrusted to build garbage pits in the area.

The problem of lack of adequate public toilets does not only concern Kabarondo but it also concerns the town of Rwamagana,a town relatively close to Kabarondo.This reality highlights the weakness of the Ministry of Healthy to remediating to the problem of lack of adequate public toilets across the country because even in the Kigali City more than one restaurants, public squares … do  not have decent place for this special and natural challenge :to urinate.

If this situation is not dealt with both positively and effectively, this might compromise the image of Rwanda at the international level. Asumani Niyonambaza asked revealed the issue to The President of the Republic of Rwanda in His Monthly Press Conference. This shows that the issue needs a quick treatment.

Hatangimana Ange Eric