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A snake reared up and bit a man’s penis while he was sitting on a toilet, paramedics in Israel have said.


Fortunately, it was non-venomous and the unnamed 35-year-old was able to joke about the attack afterwards.

The man, from northern Israel, told emergency staff at Rambam Medical Centre in Haifa he noticed the snake was attacking him after he felt burning around his penis.

He said he then looked down and saw a small serpent.

Paramedics said the victim was in good spirits despite the rather uncomfortable encounter but stressed although the snake was not poisonous, the man would still have suffered bite marks.

‘This is the first time I’ve seen a snake bite like this,’ a  medic said.

‘Luckily, all tests seem fine and the man is feeling well.’

The injured man can count himself lucky he wasn’t struck by a more dangerous breed of snake that is indigenous to the area.

If he had been bitten by the poisonous horned desert viper or desert cobra then things could have been much worse.