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During his yearly intervention to Rwandan Parliement to  explain the state of the nation in different areas of life ,Prime Minister Dr Habumuremyi P.Damien told the house that by 2020 poor Rwandans will be under 20%.

Dr Pierre-Damien Habumuremyi in Rwandan Parliament

Minister Pierre Damien Habumuremyi told the Hose that the increase of the Rwandan living conditions is one of the pillars around which all other policies rotate.

After highlighting different steps made ahead in the aim of achieving the  development ,he also defined other 13 programs thegovernemt is planning to achieve in the upcoming years.These include :

-VUP Umurenge,


-Empowering 1994 Genocide survivors ,

-Gira Inka(Have a Cow) Program to be widened and empowered,

-Increasing the registration of people on Mutuelle de Santé and setting strategies to help the poorer to get medical care,

-Reintegrating former soldiers in the normal life,

-Increase of the easy access to Bank loan,

-Increased fight against the malnutrition and ensuring food security,

-Removing Nyakatsi houses in Rwanda and resettling high risk settlers in more secured areas.

-Assisting people living with disabilities,

-Empowering historically retarded people

Some Key Achievements in these projects so far:

According to The Prime Minister, since 2008 up to now VUP Umurenge around 10 Billion Rwandan Francs have been invested in the Program in order to increase people economic stability whereby 42.412 families from 180 Sectors received 21000 RwF every month.

19 Bilion RwF have been invested to increase efforts to helping poor people economically emerge.

FARG Fund for 1994 Genocide survivors utilized 9 Billion to empowering needy survivors.

According to the Minister, these programs are running smoothly even if there are some hindrances to achieving them.

Among the key challenges include few and unsufficient financial means to fulfill these missions.

Howeve,Minister said that  the increase of the national budget especially the one relating to socio-economic welfare is an option to solve the problem.

He also mentioned different homegrown solutions such as Kuremera( giving free assistance to poor),Umuganda(Community Work),TIG, Army Week ,Police Week and Urugerero(A training program reserved for young students  ready to attend University)

These strategies include a increased use of technology for an effective management of economic assets.

Concerning the Ubudehe,He underlined that fact that this policy will undergo some changes involving more parental participation to cater for their children  education.

All of these strategies among others will bring the EDPRS (Economic Development for Poverty Reduction Strategies) to higher level leaving 44,9% of poor people to 30% in the near future.

According to the Prime Minister ,the Economic state of all Rwandans is to be reduced at a significant level 0.35% leaving 0.90%

As he was winding up,The House  members asked him questions for them to understand some issues.

More other parliamentarians contributed with ideas to support Prime Ministe’s ideas