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HIV/AIDS is among devastating diseases that infect Rwandans. It has neither medical cure nor vaccine. Unprotected sexual intercourse between HIV positive people had increased its spreading span in recent years all over the world and particularly in Rwanda. In order to stop it from harming youth, Rwandan government has adopted a number of measures among which the use of condoms is considered to be the most effective to adopt in this endless fight against HIV/AIDS.

Honorable Innocent Kayitare advising students about HIV/AIDS prevention mechanisms

Parliamentarians, being part of Population and Development Network in Rwanda House of Speakers, visited students of Murama Secondary School, in Ruhango District, South Province. The aim of that visit was to sensitize the youth about dangers of getting involved into illegal (not between spouse) and unprotected sexual intercourses among themselves.

Honorable Innocent Kayitare, speaking on behalf of the parliamentary team, explained to students the harmful consequences that can befall one if involved into premature sexual intercourses.

Remarkable attendance

After that, students asked questions to get clarifications. Uwimana Goodluck alongside Habimana Albert, students from that school stood   up and opposed the use of condoms, claiming that it could sharpen students’ desires for sexual relations.

As soon as they finished speaking, one other student spoke about the usefulness of condoms because, according to him (sorry: name not recorded), students of secondary schools are in position to be contaminated and that non-contaminated ones deserve protective measures. Then, the debate was launched.

Eager to learn from elders

The Director of that School, Mr. Barikumana Berton, addressing the gathering, affirmed that ESM (Ecole Sécondaire de Murama, in French) cannot accept nor support the initiative of bringing condoms amongst students because, as he affirmed, fornication is a social deviance in Rwandan culture, thus condoms cannot work in the institution he heads. ‘Better teach abstinence than fornication, be it protected or not’ He observed.

Mr Barikumana Berton,School Headmaster of Ecole Sécondaire de Murama, addressing the gathering

This debate    generated curiosity of students present in the hall eager to know which side wins or loses. That occasion was a good one for discussing some issues that youth does have neither time nor opportunity to talk about with adults.

Jean Damascène NTIHINYURWA

UM– USEKE.RW/Ruhango.