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During she was responding to the Senators’ questions about the state of the health among Rwandans, Minister of health Dr Agnes Binagwaho said that numbers show that a big number of adult Rwandans do not undergo early diagnosis to find out which diseases they are infected of.

Dr Agnes Binagwaho urges Rwandans to make medical checkups regularly
Dr Agnes Binagwaho urges Rwandans to make medical checkups regularly

This might help in curing these diseases early and effectively, she advised. Rwanda is one of most performing countries in the world regarding to health care and assurance.

The today’s session was about assessing how the non communicable diseases are infecting Rwandans and the efforts to reduce their infection rate.

These diseases attack mostly people who have the advanced age, the reality becoming obvious among Rwandans as their life expectation keeps increasing.

Senators wanted to gather insight from the Minister about the current state of these non communicable diseases and the measures taken to slowdown them.

Minister of health Dr Binagwaho said that these diseases affect diverse organs including cardiac and vascular diseases an muscles related ones, among others.

She said that these diseases occur depending on one’s early health related behaviors and they mostly affect those ones who reach the elderly age.

As the currently mean of the life expectations for Rwandans are about 65 years, more are experiencing such diseases, statistics have shown.

Due to this, Minister Binagwaho told senators that mind change that leads to early medical checkups can save people’s lives.

Statistics say that these non-communicable diseases killed 17% of the patients in 2013 and 20% in 2014 and finally the number reached 25% in 2015.

Cardio-vascular diseases killed 57 000 Rwandans in 2013 and in 95 000 in 2014 while the dead patients of these diseases are estimated to 124 000 in 2015.

One of the most alarming realities is that few Rwandans approach medical posts for checkups and this sad reality bears negative outcomes.

Rwandan government has provided its citizens with different medical assurance platforms (including Mutuelle de Santé and RAMA) but few of them do maximize these chances.

Some of the Ministry of health officias
Some of the Ministry of health officias

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