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The Rwandan Parliament has approved the National Budget presented to them by the Rwandan Minister of finance Amb Claver Gatete. The stated budget is equivalent to 2 094 910 480 545 Frw.

Finance Minister Amb Gatete Claver speaking to media

Min Gatete told reporters that the budget was assessed by the parliament  and was approved due to its correctness.

However some adjustments were made by the Ministry of finance and economic plan.

Early in June this year, Minister Gatete told the parliament that around 83% of the total budget is collected from internal revenues and taxes while the rest will come from other donors.

The current budget has seen an increase of 140.7 billion Rwandan Francs as compared to the last one.

Current previsions stipulate that the 774  billion Frw will be invested into social and economic projects

The Minister Gatete told media that the next step is to put that national budget in the national gazette and make it public to Rwandans.

Its implementation will resume on July, 07, 2017, as said by Minister Gatete.

He urged Rwandans to be aware of the content of the national budget as to monitor its implementation. Minister Gatete said that there are some booklets prepared for Rwandans to read as to grasp the content of the National Budget and hold accountable leaders who will fail to implement it properly.




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