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As he was presenting the annual budget to MPs last week, the Rwandan Minister of finance Dr Uzziel Ndagijimana revealed that the government has reserved at least 46.7 billion Frw for job creation opportunities during the coming year.

The intention is to help the youth get decent and productive jobs

These opportunities will allow 216 717 jobs to be created, the Minister told the MPs. Dr Uzziel Ndagijimana said that that amount is meant to accelerate the national policy on development growth that is targeted in the coming seven years.

Within seven coming years, the government will create not less than 1 500 000 jobs, meaning 214 285 jobs a year.

The Kora Wigire Program will be strengthened among youth and women, he added.

Vocational studies and centers will be much more supported as to help youth learn professions that are much easier to use in job creation.

Dr Uzziel told the MPs that the government will he working closely with the private sector in equipping students with adequate knowledge indispensable for to get or create a job once at the job market.

The government will be closely operating with small and middle enterprises as to help them to acquiring standards permits, he added.

The 2017 annual report released by the National Institute of Statistics revealed that one person over six is jobless.  This implies that 17% of Rwandans lack a job.

Among 6 812 978 Rwandans aged 16 years, at least 3 212 062 do not fit in the category of a productive labor force.