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The Government of Rwanda has signed a Power Purchase Agreement with GigaWatt Global Rwanda Limited to develop a first grid-level solar electric generating plant, the first of its kind in East Africa.

Miss Isumbingabo Emma

Speaking at the signing ceremony held at the Ministry of Infrastructure on Monday, the Minister of State in Charge of Energy and Water, Eng. Emma Francoise Isumbingabo said:

 “Generation and provision of electricity to all Rwandans is a priority for the Government of Rwanda. This initiative to produce 8.5 mega watts of clean energy is an important addition towards closing our current energy gap.


According to the Power Purchase Agreement, GigaWatt Global Rwanda Ltd will design, finance, maintain and operate the 8.5 megawatts solar electric generating plant at Agahozo Shalom Youth Village in Rwamagana District. The estimated value of the project is $23 million.


RDB’s Acting Chief Operating Officer Mr. Tony Nsanganira said that “Energy is key in driving Rwanda’s economic development and specifically to reach our targets as set in EDPRS2. Therefore, we welcome investors such as GigaWatt Global as this partnership will benefit Rwandans directly as well as contribute to Rwanda’s competitiveness.”

The Monday agreement outlines the main roles and responsibilities of both the investor and GoR with respect to the energy project.

A feasibility study has already been completed and the plant is expected to be operational in June 2014.

Gigawatt Global was founded by Arava Power Company’s American founders. Arava Power Company has developed six solar power plants in Israel.