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Tuesday ,22 July,2013,At Nyakinamana, The Rwanda Defense Force Command and Staff College has launched the Second Intake in defense techniques and ethics .

MINADEF Minister, James Kabarebe respecting the National Anthem

The ceremony has been attended by different senior officers of RDF and officials in central government including Governor of the Northern Province Mr Bosenibamwe Aimé,Gen Kabarebe James the MINADEF  Chief , among many others.

The Spokesperson of RDF Brig, Gen Nzabamwita Joseph said that the staff will  undergo a one year intensive training in peace keeping and safeguarding techniques(Security Studies)  after which they will graduate as Bachelor’ Degree or Masters Degree Holders.

“After this training ,our officers are well equipped with knowledge and skills that can enable them to Command war activities both at the Battalion level and the Brigade levels” said Brig Gen Joseph Nzabamwita.

A Tanzanian Officer attending the Training

This training is at an international level whereby different lecturers coming from Ghana,Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania  attend and will lecture to RDF officers.

The Students  Community is also diverse as they come from different countries including Rwanda (38), Burundians (2) Ugandans (2) Kenyans(2) and Tanzanians(2).

General-Patrick-Nyamvumba present at the Launching Ceremony

Senior Officers of RDF are the ones to attend the training.They are ranked as Majors, Lieutenant Colonels, Colonels and even Generals of RDF.

The Guest of Honor General James Kabarebe thanked the organizers meaning the EAC Military Community for having provided their efforts and wisdom in order to increase the RDF skills in Military Command.

Major Murego Oze from Burundi stated that these training are of a great importance for them to strengthen their knowledge on defense techniques for a country that still faces insecurity issues.

A Kenyan Officer carefully listening the speech of the Launching Ceremony.
Col Ruvusha (in middle)is among the ones who will undergo a one year training
Ready to start the Training
IGP Emmanuel Gsana,Ge Patrick and Brig Gen Charles Karamba chatting together
MINADEF Kabarebe Gen Nyamvumba alongside US Military Attaché in Rwanda
Reserve-Force Commander ,Brig-Gen-Fred-Ibingira
Brig-Gen-Joseph-Nzabamwita,The Spokesperson of RDF talking to Journalists
Governor of The Northern Province Bosenibamwe-Aimé
A photo of the event

Daddy Sadiki RUBANGURA