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In a letter written 09/July,Amb.Eugène Richard Gasana  representing Rwanda in UN  accused the UN’Force Intervention Brigade to support the FDLR .The letter was submitted to Rosemary DiCarlo,the current  President of UN Security Council.

Ambas.Eugène Gasana submitting Accreditation Letter to Ban Ki-Moon

In the letter Rwanda highlights its formal  commitment to support efforts deployed  to restoring  peace in DRC through its signature on the deployment of Peacekeeping forces in DRC known as “Force Intervention Brigade” to add on the UN Stabilisation Mission in the DRC”(MONUSCO).

However according to the report, Rwanda has tangible proofs that this new  UN Mission Forces support the FDLR elements to destabilize Rwandan territory. Careful meetings have been held between both sides according to the Report.

The report underlined that FARDC (Congolese Army) has provided heavy weaponry to FDLR.

In the same report,Amb Gasana points out that this tarnishes the good reputation that the UN mission has in DRC.

This report contains every key element that is in the letter Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs Louise Mushikiwabo  has addressed to UN Secretary General on 8th ,July,2013.

The letter is labeled S/2013/402.