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Residents of Munyiginya sector in Rwamagana district are joyful for having acquired the electricity in their respective households. The young ones told Umuseke that they are ready to start small and medium businesses as to reach relatively high living standards.

Rwamagana residents are joyful for having acquired electricity

Different areas of Rwamagana district are in a remarkable need of electricity, including Munyiginya sector.

The availability of the electricity will reduce the cost of electric power purchasing, some of Munyiginya residents say.

One of local businesswomen named Anatalie Muteteri said that the availability of electricity will allow her to freeze drinks, meat and fruits for her clients.

The Vice Mayor of Rwamagana in charge of economic affairs Regis Mudahemuka said that the ones who received the electricity were among the neediest ones.

He said that around 2000 households have electricity while the whole sector comprises of 4000 households.

Residents are called upon to protect the infrastructure and make all possible to get the best results from its availability.

Locals are keen to start small and medium businesses to grow economically
Laurent Butera who leads the EUCL(Energy, Utility Corporation Limited) in Rwamagana