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This was affirmed by the representatives of the Energy Private Developers Association have published their research findings n which it written that Rwandans are able to gather into cooperatives and build a power plant that will be generate power to sell to neighboring users. However, the price of building a sustainable power plant is set to four million US $, an amount that is uneasily affordable.

Dr Ivan Twagirashema
Dr Ivan Twagirashema

The Private Energy Developers Association members urged that the aim is to back Rwandan government efforts tp provide Rwandans with electricity equal to 563 MW not later than 2018.

The current amount of electricity that Rwanda is equipped with does not exceed 250 MW. Current statistics show that 25% of Rwandans are the only ones disposing electricity.

The EPD researchers claim to have sampled 192 respondents from seven  districts from four Rwanda.

The research has shown  that Rwandans can gather in cooperatives and afford the installations of electricity and sell its outcomes to neighbors.

Edouard Ndayisaba who one the promoters of this initiative urged that these cooperatives will enhance mutual helpfulness as to enable the rich will help the financial weak in building such power plants.

Dr.Georg Heidenreich who is the Managing Director of the BFZ that help the research to be carried out backed Ndayisaba, adding that these initiative will be of a good start up for electricity self-sufficiency.

He said that one of the means by which this can happen is for users to exploit biomass and solar energy to convert in its energies in electricity.

According to RDB, it requires $3, 700, 000 to build a power plant using methane gas. A geothermal power plant to produce 1 MW requires $3, 700, 000 while a 1MW producing power plant using a peat is worthy $ 3, 200, 000.

An installation of a solar energy power plant is worthy $2, 800, 000.

Dr.Georg Heidenreich who represents BFZ
Dr.Georg Heidenreich who represents BFZ
Ndayisaba Edouard


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