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Yesterday the Rayon Sports confronted with the Gicumbi FC.The match ended with the victory of the Rayon Sports with one score marked by Christ Mbondi.

Chris Mbondi celebrating his goal

The match was attended by the Rayon Sports’ new coach, the Belgian Ivan Jacky Minnaert. Among eight matches that took place yesterday, only one (Rayon SportsVs Gicumbi) ended with a goal with others equalized with zero out of zero.

The deputy coach of Rayon Sports Jeannot Witakenge involved some players in the match as to score a goal against Gicumbi FC.

Striker Rutanga didn’t participate in the match as he is under punishment as he was handled with yellow cards.

Witakenge allowed some unusual players to play in the yesterday’s match. Those involve Camerounian Christ Mbondi, Ugandan Yassin Mugume, Myango Ombeni, Hakizimana Alimansi and Nshimiyimana goalkeeper Jean Claude nicknamed Bobo.

At the other side, Gicumbi players tried the best to defend in the first half time. Heavy shots on target delivered by the Rayon Sports created a panic spirit in the Gicumbi FC’s side.

Striker Ange Mutsinzi from the Rayon Sports missed a goal after heavily shooting the ball on its adversary’s net.

However the first half time of the match ended without any goal from both sides.

At the 62 minute of the second half time, the Rayon Sports’s striker Chris Mbondi scored a goal using a head as effectively acquiring the ball shot on target by Kevin Muhire from the corner.

As the match went closer to the end, Gicumbi FC replaced its striker Eric Nzitonda with Evode Ngabitsinze but the change did not produce desired purpose and the math ended with one score from the Rayon Sports with zero of the host Gicumbi FC.

He thanked the God for the victory
Fans from Kigali accompanied their belived team
Players celebrating the goal against Gicumbi FC
The game changer Chris Mbondi
Middle filedre Eric Irambona exercising
Gicumbi FC players
Rayon Sports fans warmly supporting their heartfelt team
Gicumbi defenders tried their best to hinder its rivals from scoring but at the 62 minute the goal entered
That was my aim, Mbondi is seemingly saying
One of Gicumbi FC medical team members intervening …
Both teams were eager to score first
Okoko the head coach of Gicumbi FC unhappy due to how his players were performing
De Gaule chatting with Vice President of Rayon Sports Prosper Muhirwa
During the second half time, Rayon Sports increased its pleasure over Gicumbi FC
Rwarutabura the Rayon Sports’ super fan
Police urges them to be away from the playground