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Like they say ‘every finish line is the beginning of a new race’, six artistes were eliminated from the third season of Primus Guma Guma Super Star on Saturday but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of their music career.

After going through tough weeks of live roadshows, the contestants had to make use of their talent to impress the judges as well as the public in the competition.

The road continues for these Artists
The road continues for these Artists
Danny Nonone
Danny Nonone/UM– USEKE

With exciting performances from all the 11 finalists, it was time for the votes to count and six contestants had to leave.

Danny Nanone, Christopher, Eric Senderi, Kamichi, Bulldog and Fireman got the boot.

Primus Guma Guma Super Star is a music competition sponsored by Rwanda’s leading beer and beverage manufacturer, Bralirwa Ltd.

This year’s winner will walk away with a whopping Rwf24m and as the Primus Ambassador for a period of one year.

Performances at the live show

Saturday evening began on a colourful note-food, beer and great music from the band.

The contestants hit the stage at Kigali Serena Hotel determined to stay off the dreaded list and boy, oh boy…they didn’t disappoint!

Danny Nanone was first on stage to sing his song ‘Mbikubwire’. He was followed by Mico Prosper in his rendition of “Sinakwibagiwe”. They both received praises from the judges and the audience.

SENDELI International says this is not fair
SENDELI International says this is not fair/UM– USEKE

Senderi then took over the stage with ‘Jalousie’ before Riderman, who has been on everybody’s lips for his strong rap abilities and electrical performances, had the crowd in a frenzy with an electrifying rendition of his hit song, “Abanyabirori.”

Riderman,the Rwandaman
Riderman,the rapper man/UM– USEKE

His well projected stage presence through the competition has made him stand out and again he had the packed hall in a daze.

The Joyful and beautiful Knowledgeable Knowles
The Joyful and beautiful Knowledgeable Knowles/KNOWLES

The only female contestant in the competition, Knowless has showed maturity in her vocals and stage presence.
Donned in a traditional Indian attire, the petite damsel was among the night’s favourites. She wowed the crowd with her song, “Nzabampari” which she mixed with Lucky Dube’s rendition of “One Love.”

The Humbled and urbanized singer Thanking God
The Humbled and urbanized singer Thanking God/UM– USEKE

Urban Boys performed their track, “Bibaye”, which got almost everyone to their feet. Kamichi also claimed the stage, performing his hit track, “Warambeshye”, while Fireman treated his fans to his “Intangishaka” single.

Reaction on the results 

Meanwhile, the Tough Gangs fans were up in arms on Saturday night after the shock elimination of Bull Dog and Fireman of Tough Gang crew.

Bulldog ,The Mother Board Sad rapper
Bulldog ,The Mother Board Sad rapper/UM– USEKE

Despite incredible rap, the 24-year-old Bull Dog was eliminated from the competition with his crewmate Fireman, even though they were among the public’s favourites.

Jean Claude Habineza was bemused and told The New Times: ‘I’m in shock. Bull Dog is a great rapper and he was one of the best performers in this competition.”

He reiterated that no matter how much talent and thrilling factor the contestants had, they still had to watch their backs.

“No one is safe and you’ve got to vote for the ones you love,” he said

Joining Bull Dog and Fireman in the bottom six were Kamichi, Eric Senderi, Danny Nanone and Christopher, all of whom were forecasted as good bets for elimination last week.

Upon finding out the results from host Lion Imanzi, Bull Dog still managed a smile. He then went home to a standing ovation from the crowd after pouring out his heart.

“I don’t understand the criteria used but as far as I know, some of the artistes who have gone out were better singers than those who made it through,”

“I was popular but that did not count, Fireman was popular too, Christopher was a great singer but he is out. It’s a competition anyway,” the rapper said

He thanked his fans and all Tuff Gang fans for their support and promised to work hard to give the public great music.

Bull Dog’s elimination wasn’t the only thing to generate shock. Senderi’s fans were also left in awe.

The former RDF soldier Senderi, who was the oldest contestant in the competition, blamed his exit on the judges, claiming that the voting procedure was not carried out in a fair manner.

“Vocally Senderi isn’t good but I like his confidence and determination. I also think that he is a good entertainer. He knows how to engage the audience,” Jennifer Mutesi, one of the attendees said.

Kamichi/UM– USEKE

However, Kamichi, one of the contestants who left clearly pointed out that the outcome was fair.

“I think the judges were right and the results were fare. In a competition some go, others continue. I am satisfied,” the Afrobeat singer said amid deafening applause.

The competition creates an opportunity of a lifetime for naturally gifted individuals to end up becoming music superstars.

These lucky five hopefuls were chosen from the 11 contestants and they are set to compete at the grand finale scheduled for August 10 at Amahoro stadium.

The public will vote for the contestant who they think had the best performance. Voting starts from Monday morning and ends on August 9 midnight.

The first winner of Primus Guma Guma was R&B singer Tom Close and the winner of the second season was King James, and both winners have gone on to excel in their music careers.

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