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President Kagame attends the ICGLR meeting, a joint meeting between regional leaders to find out a lasting solution to the regional crisis.

President Kagame arriving at Kampala
President Kagame arriving at Kampala.

Among the Heads of States to attend the Summit include the Tanzanian Jakaya Kikwete and the Sudanese Salva Kirr .

The Spokesperson of Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that among guests of Honor to attend the meeting include Ms Mary Robinson and Nkosazana Dramini Zuma, High Commissioner delegated by UN Secretary General in the Summit.

This is the seventh meeting that takes place between ICGLR Head of States since the starting  of the war in DRC.

Meanwhile another important meeting between foreign affairs and Defense ministers from ICGLR is taking place today.

H.E greets dignitaries who came to welcome him at Entebbe Airport
H.E greets dignitaries who came to welcome him at Entebbe Airport.

ICGLR embodies countries such as Burundi,Central African Republic Africa, DRC ,Kenya ,Uganda,Rwanda,South Sudan ,Sudan,Tanzania and Zambia.

Recently FARDC has been accused to fire to Rwandan territory.Rwanda warned FARDC or its allies including FDLR to stop firing to Rwandan territory.

FDLR is made of past genocide perpatrators.

Flags of the ICGLR States members
Flags of the ICGLR States members

These bombings take place during the time MONUSCO peacekeepers have the mandatory to neutralize the negative forces  operating ion DRC  and ensure the  stability of the neighboring countries .The today Summit is meant  to find out lasting solutions to the persisting crisis among ICGLR nations.