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The world today is awash with porn. More people in more places are consuming more porn material than at any other time in history.

Secretive porn watchers


EVERY SECOND: Nearly 30,000 persons view pornographic Web sites.

EVERY MINUTE: Internet users send more than 1.7 MILLION pornographic e-mails a day.

EVERY HOUR: Nearly TWO hard-core pornographic videos are released in the United States.

EVERY DAY: An average of more than TWO MILLION pornographic movies are rented in the United States alone.

EVERY MONTH: Nearly 9 out of 10 young men and 3 out of 10 young women in the United States view pornography.

EVERY YEAR: The global pornography industry generates an estimated $100 BILLION

The nature of pornography is also changing. Professor Gail Dines writes: “Images today have now become so extreme than  what is used to be considered hard-core is now mainstream pornography.”

 How does pornography affect individuals?

WHAT EXPERTS SAY: Pornography is highly addictive, with some researchers and therapists even likening it to crack cocaine.

Brian, who was hooked on Internet pornography, relates: “Nothing would stop me. I felt like I was in some sort of trance. I would literally shake and develop pains in my head. I struggled to stop, but years later I was still addicted.”

People who indulge in pornography often cover up their habit. They are secretive and deceitful. Not surprisingly, many suffer from feelings of isolation, shame, anxiety, depression, and anger. In some cases, they even develop suicidal tendencies.

Susan, 19, who was exposed to pornographic Web sites, relates: “The images are engraved on my mind. They pop up unexpectedly. It feels like I will never completely be able to erase them.”

How does pornography affect families?

WHAT EXPERTS SAY: “Couples and families break up over porn.”—The Porn Trap, by Wendy and Larry Maltz.

Pornography damages marriages and families by:

  • Undermining marital trust, intimacy, and love
  • Promoting selfishness, emotional aloofness, and dissatisfaction with one’s mate
  •  Fueling unhealthy sexual fantasies and cravings.
  • Tempting users to force objectionable sex practices on their mate.
  • Promoting emotional and physical infidelity.

Pornography can also hurt children more directly. Brian, mentioned earlier, explains: “When I was about ten, I accidentally found my father’s pornographic magazines while playing hide-and-seek. I started looking at them secretly, not really understanding why I was attracted to such images. That started a destructive cycle that lasted way into my adult years.”

 Breaking Free From Pornography

Do you know someone who is struggling to escape porn addiction? Consider some steps that have helped many to break free.

1. Get help from others.

“Pornography addiction is so secretive and shameful that you feel you can’t ask for help. You think you can beat it by yourself. But that is not true. You can beat it only with help. So I swallowed my pride and opened up to my wife. I also sought the help of a trusted friend. It was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do, but I got the help I needed.”—Yoshi.

Confiding in others takes courage and determination. Yet, it is a vital step toward conquering the addiction and reconnecting with loved ones. Susan, mentioned earlier, relates: “Afterward, I felt a huge gush of relief. Those moments were painful, but they resulted in feelings of peace and approval.”

2. Identify and avoid potential triggers.

What situations, thoughts, or emotions trigger wrong desires? Surfing the Internet? Watching late-night TV? Reading magazines? Visiting the beach? Being hungry, angry, alone, or tired? “Identify your weaknesses, and avoid them like the plague,” says Sven.

3. “Fill your mind with wholesome thoughts, and fill your life with spiritual activities,” adds Franz.

Source: The Watchtower, August 1, 2013

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