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He is called Sikubwabo Theogene. He is 24 years old and lives in Mata sector, Rwamiko cell in Nyaruguru District. He is under arrest by the RNP for his alleged attack against 93 years old called Nyirarwasa Rosarie.

The area in black represents the Nyaruguru district
The area in black represents the Nyaruguru district

The suspect has left the elderly woman wounded at the forehead after hitting her with a machete. The Police said that the attacker used a machete to wound the elderly while she was home.

The suspect has been arrested on 17th, August after the wounded woman reported the case to the neighboring Munini police station.

According to the Police, Sikubwabo has denied the charges and claims his innocence.

The wounded woman has been brought to Hospital for medical treatment and the suspect is in jail waiting for the further investigation before being brought to justice.

According the Police spokesperson in Nyaruguru, Superintendent Eduard Baramba, and these quarrels resulted from the land related disputes among those relatives.

In recent days both family members have had land related disputes and the elderly woman was proven owner of the land.

The executive secretary of the Mata sector Rumanzi Isaac urged the locals to report on cases that are likely to result in dangerous situations among locals.

The area in circle represents the Mata sector
The area in circle represents the Mata sector

He also called upon the locals to increase their collaboration with both and Police and civil officials in preventing the crimes from happening.