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A building located in  Nyabugogo nearby the Points Lourds area surrounding the shop called  Chez Mutangana has burnt around 10h 30 this morning. Eyewitnesses said that the fire erupted  in the store of  mattresses of the Factory AFRIFOAM , cas

This is the building burning
This is the building burning

The upper side of the building located nearby the Mutangana shop is the one that went on blazes this morning. Police has intervened and stopped the fire from expanding. At the northern part of the house that burnt, there are  many restaurants.

The cause of the fire is still to be identified. One of the  locals named  Ndagijimana Jean Marie said that the Police has intervened in five minutes later and hindered the fore from spreading.

Immacullée Rwigema who is one the workers in the factory told media that he did not know that the storage has burnt and the fire quickly spread.

Muhammed Shafeeque, the manager of the storage said that 80 per cent of all the mattresses stored in the areas were burnt.

He said that the fire might have been erupted from a neighboring Lodge called Ituze. The whole financial loss is calculated to be 20 million Rwandan francs, but owners had insured their properties.

The house that burnt was a property of Late Mudahemuka Felicien  but currently is under the management  of Nyirandori Alphonsine.

The whole building was divided into three departments including a mattresses storage, a lodge and shop selling jewelries.

There was another room reserved for pharmacy, which did not suffer too much from this fire. Yesterday a maize processing factory has burnt. Few days ago, shop located in  Kigali downtown has went into brazes, and it caused both material and financial losses.

The Police firefighting vehicles at work
The RN Police firefighting vehicles at work


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