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Cyber criminals have infiltrated the computer systems of the army headquarters Abuja and are using one of its email accounts to seek financial support from the public.


One of the messages the intruders sent out to people on the email account of the directorate of army public relations with title “I need your help” reads “good morning, I’m so sorry to bother you on this, I just heard that my younger sister was involved in an accident en-route Kogi and she needs to be operated urgently and the hospital is demanding for about 83,000 naira before they commence the surgery, and I understand she is in a very bad state I can’t meet up the urgency from here, please I beg of you to assist me on this?

I will refund you as soon as I get back; I can send the doctors acct details to you if you can help me! Please email me back please.”

Colonel John Agim of the public relations directorate said in a statement that “it has come to the notice of this directorate that some fraudsters are using our official email address to circulate messages seeking for financial assistance from the general public.”