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This warning concerns not only night clubs, but also bars and restaurants where music is turned up at a high level so to create sound pollution to neighborhoods .

Noisy night clubs are forbidden in Kigali City.

In many places of Kigali, people are claiming that night clubs, restaurants and bars play music  disturb people while  sleeping  at night. Some of these houses were not built for that very purpose but as time went on their owners chose to convert them into music clubs,what technically increases the sound pollution rate.

Owners of these houses play music so to attract more clients but sometimes this brought in heavy sound music that annoys  people living in neighborhoods.

National Police Spokesperson in Kigali city, SSP  Mr Mwiseneza Urbain urges owners of these business houses to be very careful so to not play disturbing heavy music and if not so, he continues, legal procedures will be undertaken against them.

Legal code stipulates from 8 days up to two months of imprisonment, with an additional sum of money between 50.000 Rwf and One Million of Rwf.