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As he was inaugurating the road construction work to resume in Muhanga district, the State Secretary Cyriaque Harerimana informed that the works are meant to provide 40 thousand locals with jobs. This will play a key role in establishing positive social and economic transformation in the area, he said.

Harerimana Cyriaque inaugurating the road construction works in Muhanga

Those 40 thousand people to benefit from these jobs are from six districts neighboring Muhanga district

The World Bank is the key sponsor of this project as it provided 100 million USD for the completion of these modern roads.

The State Minister Cyriaque Harerimana expressed his hope that the establishment and the completion of the project will ease trade and is about to provide locals with jobs.

He urged local leaders to keeping mobilizing locals on the benefits of saving for a secured future.

Mayor of Muhanga district Beatrice Uwamariya said that the effective use of the funds allocated by the World Bank will determine the provision of more funds for further projects.

She therefore assured that local manpower is willing and able to fulfill the task on time

The World Bank representative Narae Choi warned locals to avoid spoiling expensive infrastructures.

The official called upon entrepreneurs responsible of the completion of the project to be honest towards the manpower.

The completion of the first phase of the project is meant to come into force not later than early 2018.

After this phase, the World Bank will assess the situation and learn if it can provide funds needed for the start of the second phase.

The WB representative Narae Choi warned locals to avoid spoiling expensive infrastructures
The State Minister Cyriaque urged entrepreneurs to be honest and accountable