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 Yesterday ,At the UN  headquarters in New York,The UN General assembly has debated  on the  DRC crisis.Madame Louise Mushikiwabo ,Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs told the gathering that Rwanda deploys its efforts to help in the peacekeeping in the neighbor DRC.


She stressed the fact that recent speeches and reports do not provide adequate solutions to the crisis apart from creating confusion .For her what matters most is a careful understanding of the crisis and set clear and lasting solutions about the crisis.


John Kelly the US Secretary of State who presided the Summit told the Assembly that the Congolese crisis is rooted on mismanagement of political and socio-economic issues pertaining to citizens’ daily life.

For him joint efforts to bring solution to the crisis are the only pathways to restore a strong and lasting in DRC. He tanked all the stakeholders that strive  to calm the situation including Ban Ki-Moon,Dr Jim Yong Kim,W B manager and Marry Robinson ,The UN special envoy to the region.

He expressed the US support to the UN Special Forces to to dismantle the militias in DRC.


“Without delaying, I urge the DRC and M23 representatives to renegotiate mechanisms for peace to be restored” said Mr Ban-Ki-Moon  to Assembly. He reminded  the Region that recently World Bank has allocated  $ 1 Billion  to be used in setting adequate infrastructures for socio-economic development of the region.


At the other hand, Marry Robinson reminded that the mission of the FIB is to destroy the miliatia.For her this is time to do so before it becomes too late.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uganda,Sam Kutesa,  said that lastly the discussions evolved in a good mood but it stopped due to issues to which Uganda is not responsible.


For Kutesa one of the solutions is to support the ICGL (The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region) resolutions whereby the setting of  Joint Verification Mechanism) for the implementation of the agreed upon mechanisms.

Raymond Kibanga the DRC minister of foreign affairs  accused the M23 to have attacked the FARDC bases.He also told the gathering that the M23 falsely accused the FARDC to have bombed  the Rumangabo district .


Negating the partnership between FDLR and FARDC ,Tchibanda said this is impossible as FDLR are among negative forces n DRC that destables Congolese  citizens,thus partnership is not an option.

Louise Mushikiwabo, Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs demonstrated that Rwanda has done everything necessary to bring people to DRC people through different initiatives such as hosting 7000 refugees in Rwanda.

She also told the attendants that Rwanda has helped in trying Gen Jean Bosco Ntaganda as the International Community wished it .All of these show that Rwanda is keen to see DRC living peacefully.

She said that the recent MONUSCO presumed cooperation with FARDC to shell to Rwanda is a shameful behavior of UN organ to bring peace in the region.

She underlined that time has come for UN peacekeeping mission in DRC has to start its missions soon as to stop the militias from harming the innocent Congolese citizens.For her many and repetitive reports on Rwanda’s support to M23 are meaningless and should leave place to more actions.

Different countries attended the Assembly among which Guatemala,France,Togo,Azerbaijan,China,Pakistan,UK,Russia, Morocco .all these countries expressed their concerns on the DRC crisis and said that the DRC officials are the ones to set mechanisms for lasting peace to be restored .



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