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She is known to be skilled in many things as MC, actor and journalist. He name is Anita Pendo.Recently she wrote  that Ministry of Youth should increase its support to help local artists improve and grow stronger.

Elegant Mc Anita Pendo

It is surprising and shameful to see today’s young girls and boys waking up in morning and dreaming to become stars. Becoming famous involves one’s willingness, talent and commitment” she wrote to her Facebook wall as Kigali today accounts.

Disk Joker Pendo

For her ,one’s deeds are the most significant rather just utterances. She considers this as a virus that is harming current Rwandan showbiz and entertainment. “We need a cure against this virus” she stresses.

In today’s Rwandan entertainment show, some affirm that corruption is wide spreading among the so-called artists. This hinders real artists to be recognized because of the corruption that is destroying our showbiz” she continued.

She is   cool !

For her a lasting solution to this is an increased surveillance of Ministry of Youth so to regulate the situation before it is goes worst.

The  situation,according to her , creates a bad image of our country in as far entertainment is concerned .He urges Ministry of Youth to practically empower youth that has talents and remove those so-called artists from the scene.

Source:Kigali Today

Nizeyimana Jean Pierre