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Police and local leaders in Kirehe District, on January 3, visited two families of Nyakabungo Cell in Mpanga Sector that were facing domestic disputes as part of the countrywide traditional effort to reconcile affected families and to promote community harmony.

IP Gahigi Harerimana meeting the residents

Hundreds of conflict-ridden families have so far been reconciled across the country through the traditional social cohesion designed to create and promote a sense of belonging, trust, and fighting exclusion and marginalization.

 In Kirehe, Manasseh Ruhinda and his wife Margarithe Nacyanzi prior to their reconciliation on Wednesday, had lived a conflict and misery life for at least two years, but this was different to Thomas Bizimana and his spouse Jacqueline Nakure, whose domestic disputes date back 14-years ago.
 Bizimana left the house two years abandoning his fatherly responsibility, and their conflicts had also separated and divided their children.
  Like most other reconciled couples across the country, the two couples’ domestic wrangles were mainly based on male chauvinism, misuse of family income and property as well as drunkenness and drug abuse.
“I am sorry; I want us to get back together as husband and wife, take care of our children and develop as a family,” that’s all Bizimana could tell his wife Nakure after they were counseled.
 Inspector of Police (IP) Gahigi Harerimana reminded them that family development thrives where both couples respect each other and value each others’ ideas, and work together.
  “Individual egos and undermining your partner is not good for the wellbeing of the family; in fact, both the husband and wife have equal rights before the law… property belongs to both and proper upbringing of children is a shared responsibility,” IP Harerimana told the couples.
 He also took them through their legal rights and urged them never to take the law in their own hands, which is criminal in nature.
 Emmanuel Nsegiyumva, the executive secretary of Nyakabungo Cell urged them to spread the message and report other families that could be experiencing similar so as to help them as well to prevent violence.
Source: RNP