Karuhimbi who rescued more than 150 people in Genocide ready to enter a new home – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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The news that the elderly woman named Zula Karuhimbi will be entering his new home was revealed o Friday last week. She is one of the living heroes as she managed to hide more than 150 Tutsis who were hunted down by Genocide perpetrators.

Zula Karuhimbi standing in front of her new house
Zula Karuhimbi standing in front of her new house

After the genocide, most of people she rescued did not remember her and she was left living in a spoiled house.

Umuseke reporter in Ruhango district visited her and reported on her fate. Well wishers intervened and built a more decent house for her as sign of recognition for her brave deeds on behalf of the Tutsis who were hunted down by Hutus extremists in 1994.

Her new house is equipped with electricity. She thanked all people who contributed to the completion of the house as it will help her passing her last years of life in a comfortable and decent way.

For her the availability of such as house is a sign of President Kagame’ good leadership.

She said she prays the Almighty God to sustain him and make his efforts to develop Rwanda become fruitful.

Mayor of Ruhango district Francois Xavier Mbabazi told Umuseke reporter that the construction activities are getting closer to an end and the elderly Zula Karuhimbi will be entering her new household soon and enjoy a decent life

The house comprises of three spacious rooms  and a dinning room. It will  be equipped with chairs, tables and mattress.

Mayor Mbabazi said that the finishing activities will be completed not later than this week starting from this Monday.

Her former residence was unpractical
Her former residence was unpractical
She has been awarded by President Paul Kagame for her bravery in saving lives of Tutsi during the Genocide in 1994
This is the new house that she is ready to enter
Zula Karuhimbi said that good leadership of President Kagame is the key for the development that Rwanda is undergoing


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