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Latest studies have revealed that people with high levels of anxiety and depression have a 33% more risk of getting a stroke as compared to persons with lower levels of anxiety.

Increased anxiety leads to strokes
Increased anxiety leads to strokes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data more than 800,000 people in the US suffer from Strokes every year. Of these nearly 180,000 cases will be fatal. In other words an American is killed by Stroke, every 4 minutes.

A study carried out under the authority of University of Pittsburg School of Medicine examined 22 years of records from 6000 participants who were aged between 25 to 74 years from the Federal Database.

In-person interviews, medical exams and questionnaires and blood draws were conducted on the participants and all the participants agreed to these procedures voluntarily. The study extended through a period of several decades.

Maya Lambiase, the study author and a behavioral medicine researcher said, “Everyone has some anxiety now and then, but when it’s elevated and chronic, it may have an effect on your vasculature years down the road.

The study led to several alarming discoveries. For every increased standard deviation increase in anxiety, there was a 17 percent increase in stroke risk. The study also revealed that persons who are in a higher anxiety state often smoked and led a lethargic life style which also contributed to the risk of strokes.

Scientists have been suspecting a correlation between elevated anxiety levels and increased incidence of cardio vascular diseases

However this is the first time a correlation between increased anxiety levels and increased incidence of strokes have been established.

Source:The Westside story



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