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Her name is Bampire Mariam Jeanne. She lost her husband in the genocide against the Tutsi but strives to overcome challenges through vocational activities.

Bampire Mariam Jeanne the entrepreneur
Bampire Mariam Jeanne the entrepreneur

She told Umuseke that after surviving the genocide, she chose to be active in vocational activities so that she might live independently and satisfyingly.

Bampire told Umuseke yesterday at the Women’s Day that she helps her children and other willing people to learn from her skills and therefore make a step forward in life despite her sad past.

This mature and courageous woman told Umuseke that she acquired her skills from her mother who taught her since she was 12 years old.

She therefore kept doing the profession and it bore interesting results as she has now a car and a house in Kigali city.

Bampire revealed that after the genocide, she chose to be self employed and started fabricating dolls and sell them to various individuals who lived in her neighborhood.

These activities generated incomes and helped her to survive in hard conditions that followed the genocide against the Tutsi.

She said that many of her relatives were also active in vocational activities and this motivated her to be more involved.

Bampire has four children; the eldest is also a hair dresser in a hair salon.

This courageous woman says that her activities brought her blessings as she bought a car, a house and pays school fees to her children.

She encourages others to be active as well in what they do and never give up.


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