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Chances come rarely in life but it happened to a young man called Jean Claude Nsengiyaremye when his grandfather gave to him a valuable heritage. The boy lives Nyamabuye Sector, Muhanga District. This young man, 21 years old, is Secondary school student in teacher training center, Senior Six, in Ruhango district. He told how those roots for that very chance and what he thinks might have been the reason for this chance.

Nsengiyaremwe with cows

Careful assistance to his grandfather during his dark days nearing his death might have been a flashing experience leading to the heritage his Grandfather reserved for him.

 “Grandfather was very sick near to die. He told me that I’m his beloved grandson thus he will give me a big part of heritage. I became too sad to see my grandfather dying and worried of how to use this heritage.” Nsengiyumva reports.

He gave him two cows and 5 million Rwandan Francs.

Tears of sadness fallen down at hearing my grandfather recognizing my assistance to him

Fear of how to manage his heritage became intense as he is still very young, inexperienced gentleman.” Few days after grandfather’s death, I got the heritage and with my father’s advices, I made wise decisions to manage my wealth effectively at an extent that currently I supply milk to neighboring milk zones”, said Nsengiyaremye.

Big flock

He bought a land of two hectares wide where he practices cow raising activities.

He owns wide banana plantations in that land and hired two daily workers who care about his cows. His uncle is the one who manages the project at a daily basis.

He does what he knows

One of the challenges he encounters involve a lack of wide market to sell his banana plantation’s products.



High education in developmental studies is my goal number one-Nsengiyumva

Nsengiyaremwe said his first goal is to push his studies further so to major in Accounting & Project Management even to Master’s Degree. “As my business continues to grow, the supply to the market in order to fulfill the gap there and financially grow is the inner wish to me”.

Normally young people of his age misuse valuable stuffs such as money but Nsengiyumva proves to be wise as his father backs him in the journey towards success. He deserves to be a role model to many of us.

Muhizi Elisée

UM– USEKE.RW/Muhanga